1. Please you
    please you
    don’t understand what I go through

    3 miles
    all night
    back and forth
    forgetting my fright

    Don’t have anything
    don’t hide anything

    except my pain

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  2. use me
    use me

    I’ll make you feel better
    even if you abuse me

    always unknot
    you feel better
    I’m always not

    worthless beggar

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  3. ask
    for my attention
    don’t listen
    only assume 
    that your eyes 
    are invisible to a vixen

    aged to no perfection
    your curiosity
    is your erection

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  4. full sink
    all alone
    too much to think
    and clean
    and still a dog without a bone
    is this home?
    is this home?
    eat my soul
    and swallow my tongue

    I feel so sick to my stomach

    fed by poison and old bread
    horrible noodles
    and a sick head

    let me just rest one moment
    a moment of clarity
    spoken from the dead

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  5. Free will or Fate?

    Regardless of the answer, our lives we choose are fated.

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  6. Life is inherently good AND bad, a Fibonacci sequence meditation

    We All/
    Feel like We’re/
    So Goddamn Alone./
    Or at least like the World is Ours./
    Or We Truly Feel Everyone owes us something good./
    Or we live a life of lament, asking nothing of no one and expecting no good./
    But the truth is karma always comes back around too./
    Because balance is the tangent/
    Formed by life and mind/
    Over time./
    The waves/

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  7. A moment between an offended transwoman and her “once crush”

    Sitting in silence…





    I look into your eyes.

    A straight stone face staring back into my soul.

    I laugh.

    I’m the only one to know.

    And your lies could never compare,

    to the truth of my disdain…

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  8. Dive in

    Try to characterize,

    but you can’t get passed the eyes.

    It’s no wonder why,

    their stories never develop.

    You try to write books,

    but you get so caught up in looks,

    that you miss all the stories it took

    to get them where they are.

    Mountains and valleys,

    Condominiums and alleys.

    But you’ll never hear the keys,

    They all come in waves.

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  9. I almost forgot I hated people.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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  10. Remember Where the Voice is From

    So When You Go Looking
    After or while You use your Voice
    You Will find only Gods of Death
    Because They do Love Apples
    Eden’s Apple Illuminates your Mind
    But It’s the Snake’s Voice that Beckons
    The same Voice that echoes from the Void
    from beyond the Veil the Wall
    Where All Other Sojourn
    But the Wheel keeps Spinning
    And all Great Stories End Where They Began

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